Press Release

FORTE CLOUD Joins Forces with New Relic to Strengthen their Cloud Operations Center and Expand Observability Offerings

Cairo, August 31, 2023– FORTE CLOUD, a prominent provider of managed cloud services in MENA, has embarked on a strategic partnership with New Relic, a renowned observability platform. The collaboration is geared towards enhancing the capabilities of FORTE CONCORD (its Cloud Operations Center) and enriching the observability options available for their managed cloud services. Notably, this alliance will introduce New Relic's comprehensive observability suite, with SAP Monitoring and the plan to advanced Grok platform as supplementary feature.

In a rapidly digitizing world, organizations are increasingly reliant on cloud services to drive their core operations. Consequently, the efficient management and observability of these services have become vital. Recognizing this, FORTE CLOUD is committed to delivering uninterrupted and optimized cloud solutions to their diverse clientele. By integrating New Relic’s state-of-the-art observability tools into their Cloud Operations Center, FORTE CLOUD is poised to provide clients with a holistic view of their cloud environments.

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration is the incorporation of New Relic Monitoring for SAP® Solutions. Given the pivotal role of SAP systems in managing critical business processes, and FORTE CLOUD position as a regional leader in SAP migration and management on AWS & other cloud platforms, the ability to monitor and optimize these systems is paramount. FORTE CLOUD’s integration of New Relic’s SAP Monitoring will empower clients to proactively identify performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and maximize the efficiency of their SAP environments.

Looking ahead, FORTE CLOUD has plans to integrate New Relic’s Grok once launched into their Cloud Operations Center. Grok, the “world’s first generative AI assistant for observability” will allow FORTE CLOUD and their clients to get deep insights from heaps of telemetry data using natural language via a chat interface. This strategic move underscores FORTE CLOUD’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing clients with cutting-edge tools for cloud management.

We are thrilled to collaborate with New Relic, a partnership that aims to enhance our Cloud Operations Center and provide clients with an unparalleled level of observability into their managed cloud services. The integration of New Relic's observability suite, along with the valuable additions of SAP Monitoring and the upcoming Grok platform, align perfectly with our vision of delivering top-tier cloud solutions that foster operational excellence.

The synergy between FORTE CLOUD and New Relic underscores their joint commitment to empowering businesses with advanced cloud management and observability solutions. As the digital landscape evolves, this partnership intends to equip clients with the tools to adapt, optimize, and excel in their cloud operations.

For additional information, please visit FORTE CLOUD and New Relic.