Use AWS to enable a more mobile productive workforce

Your employees can be happier and more productive if you give them the ability to do their jobs from mobile devices, and AWS can help you do that.

Improve User Engagement with Mobile Apps

Your customers expect to be able to interact with your brand across all of their devices. More than 75% of all digital consumers use a combination of both mobile and desktop platforms to access the internet.* Organizations building applications optimized for mobile devices are meeting these needs head-on, giving them a significant competitive advantage. With AWS you can easily build apps that allow you to engage with your customers no matter where they are, on the devices of their choice. FORTE CLOUD can help you get started building mobile apps quickly, driving your business forward in this mobile-first world.

Why choose AWS for your websites?


Increase or remove services with a single click of the mouse, without paying for unneeded hardware. Focus on things that make your app great for your workforce, rather than the infrastructure to keep it up and running.


Test your mobile applications before pushing out updates. Empower your workforce with globally available mobile tools, across a worldwide footprint.


Increase employee engagement by sending push notifications to individuals or groups of users. Measure and analyze app usage and monetization metrics to monitor your app business.

Welcome to Enterprise Mobility

Develop, test and monitor apps without worrying about provisioning, scaling and managing the infrastructure. Deliver cross-platform mobile applications for your workforce, without large upfront costs.

AWS Amplify

AWS amplify is a development platform for building secure, scalable mobile and web applications. AWS amplify is a mixture of the client library, CLI toolchain, and a Console for non-stop deployment and hosting. The Amplify CLI and library allow developers to get up & running with complete-stack cloud-powered applications with functions like authentication, storage, serverless GraphQL or rest APIs, analytics, Lambda functions, & more. The amplify Console offers continuous deployment and hosting for current web apps (single page apps and static web site generators). continuous deployment lets in developers to install updates to their web app on every code commit to their Git repository. hosting consists of functions including globally available CDNs, clean custom domain setup + HTTPS, characteristic branch deployments, and password protection.

Amplify Libraries

Use case-centric open source libraries in the Amplify Framework to build cloud-powered mobile and web apps.

Amplify CLI

Open source toolchain in the Amplify Framework to create, integrate, and manage the backend of your app.

Amplify Console

Hosting for full-stack serverless web apps with continuous deployment.

AWS Mobile Hub Features

App Content Delivery

Use a CDN to distribute content to your customers with low latency and high transfer speeds. Store app assets in the cloud, so users can download and cache them in their app.

App testing

Test your apps on real phones and tablets on the AWS Cloud. Improve the quality of your iOS, Android, and Fire OS apps.

User Data Storage

Provide a fluid user experience by easily storing and syncing user data such as user profiles, settings, or game progress

Push Notifications

Easily engage your customers by sending push notifications. You can send a few messages or scale to billions depending on needs

User Sign-In

Give your customers the ability to sign-in with public identity providers like Facebook, or you can on-board them with your own identity system.

App Analytics

Measure and analyze app usage and monetization metrics to monitor your app business. Quickly view key charts in the console and export event data for custom analysis.