Part 2| 6 Benefits of Getting Cloud Checkup and Why You Need It?

Benefits Of Getting Cloud Checkup And Why You Need It?

Getting a cloud checkup for your business’ cloud environment is your magic key for efficiency. In the first part of this two-article series, we emphasized the importance of getting a cloud checkup regularly for your business. We focused on cost reduction, security improvement, and compliance with AWS Well-Architected Framework, and in this second part, we discuss even more benefits to a cloud checkup.

As announced, in this second part we discuss three more benefits to getting a cloud checkup regularly. Feel free to check out the part 1 article if you need a refresher on what a cloud checkup is and its importance. But just in case, here’s a quick summary:

A cloud checkup is a comprehensive report that aims to give you total visibility into your cloud. It pinpoints wasted resources, security, and compliance vulnerabilities. It helps you stay on top of any issues by giving you all the data you need to efficiently manage your cloud environment. With the visibility you get, you’re able to save costs, improve security and compliance, and ensure that you are aligned with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.

Now let’s talk about three more reasons why you should get a cloud checkup:

Three More Benefits of Cloud Checkup:

    • Optimize Performance
      It’s not always easy to manage to compute and storage workloads efficiently. A cloud checkup highlights underutilized resources in your environment. Allowing you to right-size and rebalance opportunities across your services.Our free checkup checks your environment across hundreds of best practices checks. It includes alerts for unused reserved resources, reserved instances mismatches, and more. Our report will define the best practice checks to dictate acceptable utilization and performance. With this, you’re guaranteed to receive actionable insights for performance optimization.
    • Better Cloud Governance
      A checkup gives you the visibility you need to fully understand your environment. With this new knowledge and information, you’re able to pinpoint exactly what issues need to be addressed immediately. Whether it’s related to your resources, security, or performance. You can better manage your cloud environment.Our checkup not only highlights these issues but corrects them at the same time. It also gives you insights into governance issues you might run into in the future and guides you to avoid them before it affects your business.
    • Grow Comfortably with Cloud
      A cloud checkup highlights issues that might not have crossed your mind. Some of them might lead to issues in the future. With a checkup, you gain the insights needed to fix them before they cause problems. And when you scale your business, you no longer have to worry about any unexpected issues.Our checkup gives you complete control and visibility of your cloud. It empowers you to scale up and down according to your business needs. Once issues are discovered, we remediate them immediately, so you don’t have to worry about them. This way you gain the freedom to grow and reach your business goals faster. Request your free checkup now! 


When you take all these 6 benefits and more into consideration, it becomes apparent how important a checkup is for your cloud environment’s overall health. And with our free checkup, not only do you gain the visibility you need but all your issues are remedied at the same time. Don’t waste any more time and request your free checkup now for immediate savings!
By partnering with FORTE CLOUD, you’re guaranteed to receive excellent service as we were named APN AWS Partner for exceptional performance and commitment to AWS customers.

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